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Consultation Period:
03 Feb 2022 - 31 Mar 2022

Detailed Description

Heartland Shops Study

The Housing & Development Board (HDB), Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Prime Minister’s Office (Strategy Group) (PMO-SG) have embarked on a Heartland Shops Study which seeks to study the social and economic value of heartland shops for various stakeholders like the community, residents, business owners and workers.

Besides providing a wide range of daily necessities in close proximity to our residents, at affordable prices, heartland shops are also a key feature of the physical environment and social landscape in our communities. They play a part in strengthening our local heritage and culture through their offerings and services.

As part of the larger study, we are launching an open-call survey to seek your feedback on how to shape the heartland retail scene and enable our heartland shops to remain vibrant, relevant and endearing. The online survey will run until 31st March 2022 and can be accessed here: go.gov.sg/hss-survey.

We encourage you to participate as the insights gathered will inform policy recommendations for preserving the intrinsic value of heartland shops and ensuring that they continue to meet the needs of our residents, business owners, and shop employees, amidst the changing retail landscape.