Singapore might be known as the little red dot to the world but to Singaporeans, it is a special place we call home. How can we continue to make Singapore a better home and a cohesive society for all? REACH is here to listen to your views.

REACH (reaching everyone for active citizenry @ home) is the lead agency in facilitating Whole-of-Government efforts to engage and connect with you, our fellow citizens, on national and social issues that are close to your hearts.

REACH had its beginning as the Feedback Unit in 1985. In October 2006, the Feedback Unit was restructured to move beyond gathering public feedback to become the lead agency for engaging and connecting with citizens, and was re-named REACH. In January 2009, REACH was appointed the Singapore Government’s e-engagement platform.

We aim to create a level of openness between the Government and Singaporeans, working together to establish continued conversations, community participation and collaboration.

Our three key roles are to:

1. Gauge Ground Sentiments

We are here to listen to what Singaporeans have to say, understand their sentiments and highlight key issues of concern to the Singapore Government.

2. Engage Citizens

To reach out to as many Singaporeans as possible, we have put in place both traditional and online feedback channels including email, online feedback form, REACH WhatsApp Interactive Chat Group, REACH Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. We also conduct face-to-face engagement sessions such as dialogue sessions and Listening Points (roving feedback booths) to engage Singaporeans more deeply on issues and concerns. In addition, we work closely with community and grassroots organisations, voluntary welfare groups, professional groups and special interest groups to connect with Singaporeans of diverse backgrounds and interests.

Together, these give Singaporeans multiple channels to engage with the Singapore Government.

3. Promote Active Citizenry

To encourage Singaporeans to get involved in shaping Singapore’s public policies, we facilitate public consultation exercises on a wide range of topics.

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