FAQs on REACH's Feedback Process

What is REACH's role in the feedback process? Does REACH filter or censor feedback received from contributors?

REACH facilitates communication between Singaporeans and Government agencies by proactively initiating discussions on various topics and gathering feedback on policy issues.

All feedback submitted to REACH, regardless of the sentiments expressed, is read by REACH staff. REACH will convey the feedback, in its entirety, to the relevant agencies for information and consideration. We do not edit or filter any feedback received. 

Other FAQs

What happens to my feedback after I have filled out the Online Feedback Form and submitted it?
REACH would like to assure you that your feedback will be directed to the relevant agency for their review and necessary follow up.
What happens to feedback that I submit through the Public Consultations page?
The feedback received through the Public Consultations page is sent directly to the Government agency which posted the consultation paper.
I would like to join the REACH mailing list so that I can be informed of REACH events and receive the e-newsletter. How can I sign up for this? Will I be able to unsubscribe from it at a later date?

You may visit our  Events page for the latest updates on our events. You may also consider signing up for our weekly newsletter, REACHBytes. To subscribe to REACHBytes, click  here.

You may unsubscribe from our mailing list if you wish at a later date. To unsubscribe, you may click  here

I use browsers such as Firefox and Mozilla as my default Internet browsers. Why can't I submit my feedback when using these browsers?
The REACH website is best viewed using Internet Explorer 11 & above and all latest 2 versions. If you encounter problems accessing our website, please let us know via our  feedback form and we will be happy to assist you.
I work from an Apple computer. Can I access the REACH website?
Yes, you can view the information on the website and submit your feedback online.
Can I access the website via my mobile phone?
Yes, the REACH website is mobile-friendly.