Connect with us on Youth Mental Well-Being

Resilience and mental well-being are important parts of a person’s health and overall development. Our youths face pressures on many fronts that may impact their well-being. COVID-19 has also compounded the challenges our youths are facing today.

We’ve got a range of measures in place – in schools, workplaces and the community. But if we come together, put our heads together, and work together – we can do so much more.
Are you an individual or an organisation who would like to play a part in strengthening youth mental well-being? Or do you wish to stay updated on the latest happenings on the Youth Mental Well-Being Network? Sign up to be a Youth Mental Well-being Network (YMWBN) member now!


Network members have developed over 20 ground-up projects ranging from enhancing youths’ emotional resilience to strengthening peer support within the family, workplace and community.

If you would like to know more about the projects or are passionate about making a difference and driving change in the area of youth mental well-being, please click on the button below. You are welcome to join one of the projects!

Infographic of YMWBN Projects



If you or someone you know is affected by mental health issues, it is okay to step forward to seek help. Here is an abbreviated list of mental well-being resources. For a wider range of resources, please check out NCSS’ Mental Health Resource Directory or Belle, the Beyond the Label helpbot.

We hope that these will be useful references for you and others. Feel free to share with others.

* Please note that the brief list of services and the resources by NCSS are non-exhaustive




Besides the Youth Mental Well-Being Network projects, you may also explore other opportunities to take action.

 Action/ volunteering opportunity 
1. Beyond the Label

If you would like to play a part in reducing mental health stigma, you are welcomed to join us or our partners’ initiatives as a Beyond the Label volunteer. Visit the link to find out more.
2. NYC Youth Corps Singapore

Be part of a movement of young people to ignite positive change in society through volunteering and community service.
3. Young Changemakers Grant

Ground up projects by youths to champion causes to benefit the Singapore community. Monthly open mic pitches are held on first Saturday every month.
4. NYC Youth Action Challenge

A developmental platform where youths receive guidance from government agencies, youth leaders and industry experts to identify problem statements and initiate solutions. YAC Season 3 will start from Oct 2021 to Jan 2022.




1. Are there any restrictions (e.g. age) to sign up?

All are welcome to contribute. 

2. Do I need any prior experience in the area of mental health to sign up?

Prior experience is not necessary.

3. What are the different areas that I can be involved in?

Please join us as a YMWBN member via the ‘sign-up form’ and/or join any of the YMWBN projects in the Call-to-Action phase.

4. After I have indicated my interest, will I get a response to let me know what’s next?

We appreciate every person’s interest and will get in touch with all who sign up as a YMWBN member. We seek your patience and understanding as you await a reply from us. If you have indicated your interest to sign up with a YMWBN project team, a representative from the team will be in touch with you in due time.




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