About SMP

Do I need to be well-versed in politics or to have any debate experience to join this program?
No, we welcome everyone to join! SMP is meant to help participants understand more about Singapore’s policymaking process and parliamentary debates. The aim of SMP 2023 is to provide a meaningful programme for all participants, regardless of knowledge level or background!
What is the commitment level of SMP 2023 like?
Attendance is compulsory on 14, 15 and 21 Oct, from around 9am – 6pm. However, as the simulated Parliament debate will be held on 21 Oct, participants will need to do some preparatory work in the week of 16 – 20 Oct. In the same week, we also have some optional activities lined up for participants to enrich your SMP 2023 experience. More details will be shared closer to the event date.
Are there any fees to participate in SMP 2023?
No, attendance is free! Just come ready to learn and make new friends!


About the sign-up process

Who can sign up for SMP 2023?
This programme is open to all post-secondary students in full-time programmes in Junior College, Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Polytechnic, University, as well as tertiary-level students from specialised colleges like Lasalle and SOTA. NSFs and those who are waiting to enter University are also welcome to apply!
Must all my group mates be from the same school?
We welcome you to join with friends from other schools, so long as they are also tertiary students!
What happens when I register individually or in a group of less than 6 people?
We will be matching you up with other participants to form a team of 5-6 participants. We will also be holding two engagement sessions prior to the start of SMP programme, for you to get to know your fellow SMP participants better. More details will be shared closer to the event date.
Does submitting the sign-up form guarantee my spot in SMP 2023?
No, REACH will update you on the outcome of your application by early September 2023.
I participated in past editions of SMP. Am I allowed to sign up for SMP 2023?
REACH will be prioritising students who have not participated in SMP before.