Public Consultation on Proposals for the HealthySG Taskforce


Ministry of Health - Epidemiology & Disease Control Division

Consultation Period: 08 Mar 2019 - 04 May 2019
Status: Closed
Detailed Description

Executive Summary

1. Announced by Minister Gan in November 2018, the HealthySG Taskforce aims to drive transformation efforts to promote healthy living in Singapore. This is through transforming our health promotion landscape with the infusion of health in all aspects of our lives, policies and environment.

2. The Taskforce’s two broad areas of focus are: 

a) Better engagement of the under-reached and disadvantaged groups, so as to provide them with greater support through tailored policies and programmes, to increase their adoption of healthier lifestyles.

b) New solutions to make healthy living an integral aspect of our daily lives, underpinned by environmental changes, technology advancements and behavioural insights. An example is providing timely information and reminders to help individuals make the healthy choice.

3. This would be accomplished through changes to Singaporeans’ lived environment, empowerment of individuals through technology, and engagement of the communities.

Public Consultation on Proposals for the HealthySG Taskforce

4. Under Empowerment, we would be looking at how to empower individuals through technology to take charge of their health throughout their lives, at every life stage. This could include exploring work with wearables and technological nudges, to help individuals better monitor and take action on their health throughout the day.

5. Under Engagement, we want to better engage our community through improved service delivery and ground programming. Examples of achieving this could be working closer with the community to generate more ground-up community initiatives that engender healthy living, and build more supportive programmes for under-served groups.

6. Under Environment, we would change the lived environment through built and food policies, to better support healthy living. How this could be carried out could be through expanding on existing infrastructure that promote an active lifestyle or to explore environmental nudges that encourage healthy living.

Consultation Details

Public Consultation on Proposals for the HealthySG Taskforce

7. We would be organising a series of public consultation sessions, for interested Singaporeans to share their views and ideas. These sessions will take place across late March – early May 2019. To sign-up for a public consultation session, please click here.

8. Alternatively, share your views with us online in this 10 – 15 minute survey by clicking here. The closing date for the submission of views and feedback is 6:00pm, 4 May 2019.

9. All responses received by the closing date will be carefully considered. A final report summarising the proposals under the Taskforce will be published at a later date.