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Our Singapore Conversation Survey Findings

What are Singaporeans' priorities today and what do they hope for the future? We surveyed over 4,000 respondents in the Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) Survey to supplement what we were already hearing from Singaporeans at dialogues and online. Conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) in conjunction with the OSC Secretariat, the survey aimed to get a snapshot of Singaporeans' priorities, values and preferences.

Housing, healthcare and job security were among the top areas of priority that Singaporeans hoped to see addressed today and they were also the same topics which resulted in the passionate discussions at OSC dialogues.

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Reflections of our singapore conversation


Reflections of Our Singapore Conversation

The Reflections of Our Singapore Conversation is now out! From the perse opinions on issues ranging from housing and job opportunities, to core aspirations and what does it mean to be Singaporean, all have been captured in the Reflections.

First initiated in August 2012, Our Singapore Conversation involved over 47,000 Singaporeans participating in over 660 dialogue sessions island-wide. Through this year-long learning journey, five core aspirations have emerged: Opportunities, Purpose, Assurance, Spirit, and Trust.

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Perspectives Arising From Our Singapore Conversation

perspectives arising from our singapore conversation

Many of you contributed your thoughts in the first phase of the OSC and we are grateful for the time that you have taken to share with fellow Singaporeans The initial phase of the conversation was kept open-ended to generate the persity of views and ideas on the kind of Singapore we desire to see in the future, and the values that we would like to see in ourselves.

After interacting with participants and looking through the notes from the dialogues, emails and Facebook messages over the past few months of conversations, we present to you a snapshot of the contributions and ideas from more than 10,000 Singaporeans who have taken part. These themes will form the foundation of the discussion in our next set of dialogues.

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If you would like to send your views and comments to the secretariat for Our Singapore Conversation or register your interest in upcoming conversation sessions, feel free to drop an email at reach@reach.gov.sg, call 1800 353 5555.

When sending your feedback, please feel free to use any of the four main languages.