Overview and Recommendations for Sports Safety in Singapore

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Consultation Period: 07 Sep 2018 - 06 Oct 2018
Status: Closed
Detailed Description


Sports Safety is integral in our promotion of a sporting culture among Singaporeans. Formed in July 2007, the Sports Safety Committee is co-chaired by Dr Benedict Tan, Chief of Sport & Exercise Medicine, Changi General Hospital and Mr Muhammad Rostam Bin Umar, Chief Strategy Group, SportSG. The committee comprises representatives from the medical field, sports fraternity as well as the public and private sectors. The committee has put forth a comprehensive report on sports safety standards and systems to be in line with international best practices to improve safety measures and precautions at sports events and facilities, which are practical and applicable to the Singapore sports context. The Sports Safety Committee’s review covered the following key areas:

a) Risk Management
b) Training & Education
c) Water Safety
d) Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Sudden Cardiac Deaths in Sports
e) Pre-Participation Screening
f) Heat Injuries In Sports
g) Event Medical Support Plan
h) Exercise & Training Facilities
i) Surveillance & Evaluation

In essence, a strong emphasis is placed on personal responsibility and roles of participants, athletes, coaches, sports officials, volunteers and event organisers in various aspects of sports safety.

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