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Public Consultation on the Proposed Additional Domestic Controls for Chloropicrin

National Environment Agency

National Environment Agency - Pollution Control Department

Consultation Period: 20 Apr 2020 - 10 May 2020
Status: Closed
Detailed Description


The National Environment Agency (NEA) is conducting a public consultation on the domestic controls of chloropicrin (CAS Number 76-06-2). The consultation exercise will start on 20 Apr 2020 and end on 10 May 2020


2 NEA controls chemicals that are highly toxic, polluting, and/or generate toxic wastes that are difficult to manage and be disposed of safely under The Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA) and the Environmental Protection and Management (Hazardous Substances) Regulations.

3 Under the Hazardous Substances (HS) licensing framework, companies registered in Singapore that intend to:

i. import, export, manufacture and/or sell any controlled HS would require a HS Licence 
ii. purchase, store and/or use any controlled HS would require a HS Permit

4 More information on the control of HS can be found on NEA’s website at

Proposed Additional Domestic Controls for Chloropicrin

5 Chloropicrin poses significant risk and hazards to the environment and human health and safety. Currently, chloropicrin is controlled as a HS under the EPMA and a HS licence is required to import, export, manufacture and /or sell the chemical. 

6 To further protect the environment and safeguard public health and safety, it is proposed that chloropicrin be listed in the Schedule of the EPM (Hazardous Substances) Regulations. The control of chloropicrin under the Regulations would require:

i. HS Licence Holders to apply for HS Transport Approval if they are transporting chloropicrin in quantities exceeding 50kg
ii. end-users who purchase, store and/or use chloropicrin locally to apply for a HS Permit.

7 The additional domestic controls for chloropicrin outlined in Para 6 will tentatively take effect from 1 Oct 2020.

Feedback on the Proposed Additional Domestic Controls

8 Feedback or comments on the proposed additional domestic controls for chloropicrin can be submitted to by 10 May 2020. The information provided in this exercise will be kept strictly confidential, and solely for NEA’s internal use. 

9 To ensure that the consultation is productive and focused, respondents are requested to observe the following guidelines when providing their feedback:

a) Identify yourself as well as the organization you represent (if any) so that we may follow up with you to clarify any issues, if necessary.
b) Be clear and concise in your comments.
c) Focus your comments on the proposal and how it can be improved.
d) As far as possible, substantiate your points with illustrations, examples, data or alternative suggestions.