Feedback for proposed amendments to the Building Control Act

Building and Construction Authority

Building Plan and Management Group, Building and Construction Authority

Consultation Period: 07 Aug 2018 - 28 Aug 2018
Status: Closed
Detailed Description

The Ministry of National Development (MND) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is inviting feedback on proposed amendments to the Building Control Act.  


2 The Building Control Act provides a legal framework for matters related to buildings. As part of BCA’s regular reviews of the provisions in the Act, it has earlier conducted several rounds of industry and stakeholder consultation to seek feedback on key areas within the Act and the proposed amendments. 

Proposed amendments to the Building Control Act

3 The key amendments are to:

(a) enhance safety of lifts, escalators and mechanised car park systems;

(b) introduce a mandatory facade inspection regime for buildings more than 20 years old; and

(c) update on other provisions in building control related areas, including builder licensing and accessibility.

4 Please see Annex A for details of the proposed amendments.

5 This will be the final consultation to gather feedback on the proposed amendments to the Act. Feedback from the earlier rounds of consultation have been taken into account in drafting the proposed Building Control (Amendment) Bill. [Note: The proposed amendments are released only for the purpose of a consultation and should not be used for decisions made by contractual parties, adjudicators or authorised nominating bodies, as they may not represent the final legislative changes.]

Consultation Details

6 The consultation to the proposed amendments will start on 7 Aug 2018 and end on 28 Aug 2018 (12 noon).

7 Members of the public can send their views through post or email, to reach the following address by the deadline:

By post:

Building Plan and Policies Department
Building Plan and Management Group
Building and Construction Authority
52 Jurong Gateway Road
#10-01 Singapore 608550

By email: