Building and Construction Authority
Building and Construction Authority
Consultation Period:
10 Aug 2021 - 31 Aug 2021
Closed - Summary of Responses

Consultation Outcome

Summary of Responses to Feedbacks Gathered during Public Consultation for Subsidiary Legislations for Periodic Structural and Façade Inspections, Exterior Features, Fixed Installations and Reportable Matters

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) conducted a public consultation exercise from 10 August 2021 to 31 August 2021. Feedback was sought from stakeholders on the key provisions in the proposed subsidiary legislation in relation to:

a) Periodic Structural Inspection (PSI);

b) Periodic Façade Inspection (PFI);

c) Definition of “exterior feature” under Section 2(1) of the Building Control (Amended) Act 2020;

d) Fixed Installations (i.e. lifts, escalators and mechanised car parking systems (“MCPS”)); and

e) Reportable matters in relation to Fixed Installations and Exterior Features.

2. BCA received feedback from a total of 34 respondents at the close of the Public Consultation. The breakdown is as follows:

Proposed Subsidiary Legislation Respondents 
 PSI, PFI and definition of “exterior feature”  16
 Fixed Installations (including Reportable Matters)  18

3. BCA would like to thank all respondents for taking the time to participate and contribute to the decision-making process through this consultation. BCA will review the proposed draft regulations, taking into consideration the feedback received.

4. BCA’s responses to the feedback and clarifications received from the respondents can be found in the following annexes:

 PSI, PFI and definition of “exterior feature”  Annex A 
 Fixed Installations (including Reportable Matters)  Annex B

Detailed Description


1. The Building and Construction Authority (“BCA”) is inviting feedback on key provisions in proposed subsidiary legislations in relation to Periodic Structural Inspection (“PSI”), Periodic Façade Inspection (“PFI”), exterior features, and fixed installations (i.e. lifts, escalators and mechanised car parking systems (“MCPS”)).


2. As part of BCA’s regular reviews of the Building Control Act and regulations, BCA has earlier conducted several rounds of industry and stakeholder consultation to seek feedback on key areas under the building control regime.

3. Under the Building Control Act as amended by the Building Control (Amendment) Act 2020 (the “Amended Act”), the Commissioner of Building Control may issue a notice to the owner of a building that is

(a) more than 20 years of age, and

(b) the highest point of which is more than 13 meters when measured from the ground, requiring a façade inspection of the building to be carried out periodically every 7 years.

4. Additionally, the Amended Act includes provisions enhancing the regulation of lifts, escalators and MCPS (collectively “fixed installations”).

Proposed Regulations relating to PSI, PFI, Exterior Features and Fixed Installations PSI, PFI and Exterior Features

5. The key provisions in relation to PSI, PFI and exterior features currently proposed are to:

(a) prescribe requirements for PFI under the Amended Act;

(b) update the regulations relating to PSI; and

(c) prescribe items which are “exterior feature” under section 2(1) of the Amended Act.

6. Please see Annexes A and B for details.

Fixed Installations

7. The key provisions on fixed installations currently proposed include:

(a) requirements to obtain approval from the Commissioner of Building Control in respect of plans of fixed installation works (including product testing certifications for specific safety components and equipment for lifts) prior to the performance of fixed installation works;

(b) duties of stakeholders relating to examination, inspection and testing and maintenance of fixed installations; and

(c) other new requirements, such as:

i) registration requirements for fixed installation contractors;

ii) approaches in regulating existing and new MCPS; and

iv) lifts and MCPS that will not be regulated under the Amended Act.

8. Please see Annex C for details.

Reportable Matters in relation to Fixed Installations and Exterior Features

9. The key provisions in the proposed regulations will require reporting, to the Commissioner of Building Control, of safety incidents and safety risks (e.g. defects in design, production or installations that could impact on the safety of fixed installations) in respect of fixed installations and exterior features.

10. Please see Annex D for details.

Consultation Details

11. This will be a final consultation to gather feedback on the proposed regulations. Feedback from the earlier rounds of consultation have been taken into account in drafting the proposed regulations. Please note that the proposed regulations are released only for the purpose of public consultation, and may be subject to further changes. Accordingly, the proposed regulations should not be used or relied on by industry stakeholders, adjudicators or authorised nominating bodies. BCA will issue a circular on the finalised regulations in due course.

12. The public consultation will start on 10 August 2021 and close at 12pm on 31 August 2021.

13. Members of the public can send their views through post or email, to reach the following address by the deadline:

By post:

Façade Engineering & Technology Department Building Resilience Group,
Building and Construction Authority,
52 Jurong Gateway Road,
#10-01, Singapore 608550

By email: