Using Different Platforms To Engage More Singaporeans

REACH is constantly in search of creative ways to make sharing feedback more accessible to more Singaporeans. Besides our English and Chinese WhatsApp chat groups and social media platforms, REACH experiments with different online platforms and partner with different organisations to reach out to more targeted groups. Sensing from niche groups enriches the Government’s understanding of how the same policies or situations affect different groups of Singaporeans differently. 

Mobile Tech Platforms

REACH partnered with various mobile apps like Singpass, DBS Paylah! and Shopback to conduct e-Listening Points on national policies and issues like Budget 2023, National Day Rally, COVID-19 White Paper and online scams. These digital engagements allowed Singaporeans to give their feedback and share their views via accessible and easy-to-use platforms.


National Day Rally Listening Point notification to all Singaporeans through the use of Singpass

REACHing Out!

REACH took to the streets to gather perspectives of Singaporeans on national issues through the "REACHing Out!" video miniseries.

This video series featured street-intercept interviews, where citizens freely expressed their thoughts on issues such as Budget, youth aspirations, cost of living and our national identity.

E-Listening Point at restaurants

REACH partnered our REACH Advisory Panel member Mustaffa Kamal to experiment with having e-Listening Points at some of The Black Hole Group’s restaurants.

Patrons of participating restaurants could give their views on pre- and post-Budget matters via QR codes directing users to e-Listening Point survey forms. These QR codes were placed on all tables of the participating restaurants for patrons to scan while waiting for their orders to be served.


Listening Point set up at Black Hole Group restaurants

Sit and chat with rental flat residents

REACH adopted a sit-and-chat approach to gain deeper insight on how rental flat residents were coping with living costs and their perspectives on social and employment support.

Residents were encouraged to join REACH officers for breakfast under their blocks after completing our surveys, providing us with an opportunity to engage them more deeply to better understand their feedback.

This approach has also been adapted for REACH’s engagement with segments of Singaporeans with more complex life circumstances such as residents of halfway houses.


Listening Point in sit-and-chat format to engage rental flat residents