Hearing From Diverse Communities In Singapore

In 2023, REACH continued to work with partners from the private and people sectors to engage with diverse communities in Singapore, such as ex-offenders, athletes and persons with disabilities, and families who had to care for seniors and younger children at the same time. REACH also sought the views of fellow Singaporeans living abroad, to understand their hopes for Singapore and the factors that might guide their decision to return to Singapore.

Lower-income families

Cost of living is an important issue and impacts every Singaporean differently. We are particularly concerned with how lower-income families, especially those with school-going children, are coping. REACH engaged with residents living in rental flats in Punggol through a Listening Point where we not only found out more about their thoughts on cost of living, but also on social support and job support schemes.


Listening Point on sandwiched class' views on Budget

Sandwiched class and young families

REACH also polled residents who belonged to the sandwiched class on their thoughts towards the Budget 2023 announcements, as they faced the unique challenge of nurturing the young while caring for their ageing family members. Another group that provided valuable feedback was young families, who shared their views on childcare measures, and access to housing. They also shared specific feedback like their hopes for more support for individuals with special needs, as well as comprehensive healthcare coverage for the seniors.

Athletes and Persons with Disabilities

REACH partnered with SportsSG to reach out to athletes – both existing and former – to find out their career aspirations, well-being, and whether there was sufficient support for athletes’ career development. REACH also worked with Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth and SG Enable to seek views from persons with disabilities on sports accessibility and disability inclusion in Singapore.


Listening Point on housing on 99.co

Prospective homeowners

As housing has been a hotly discussed topic, it was important for REACH to find out what people felt towards home ownership, particularly from prospective homebuyers at various stages. Some of these groups included residents living in co-living spaces, as well as people who were currently looking to buy their own homes. They shared candidly their opinions on the cooling measures, and how they hoped to be better supported in their home owning journey.

Halfway homes/facilities

Every voice matters to REACH. We partnered with several halfway houses to reach out to ex-offenders to understand how they felt about employment opportunities available to them, re-integration into mainstream society and their aspirations.


Listening Point with overseas Singaporeans on the Singpass app

Singaporeans living overseas

REACH conducted an e-Listening Point via the Singpass app with Singaporeans living abroad near National Day. Through this engagement, REACH sought to better understand the reasons for Singaporeans moving and continuing to stay abroad. The Listening Point also sought to find out if they had any plans to move back to Singapore, and any concerns they might have with regards to reintegrating back to the Singapore society.