Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development


The “Conversations on Singapore Women's Development” were launched on 20 September 2020 to kickstart a national effort to understand Singaporeans’ aspirations and ideas on how we can further advance our women in Singapore.

While Singapore women have made tremendous progress over the years with the support of the community and Government, more can be done collectively to empower, protect and uplift our women.

We want to connect with Singaporeans from all walks of life to understand the aspirations of Singaporeans for our women, which will help us to cultivate a better and more inclusive society.

Watch Minister for Home Affairs and Law, Mr K Shanmugam, share his views on this national review.


Thank you for your support and interest to participate in the Conversations. Sign-ups for the Conversations and the online feedback submission channel have closed.

The Government is studying the feedback and recommendations, which will be consolidated into a White Paper that will be submitted to Parliament.

If you have further feedback or thoughts to contribute on Singapore Women’s development, we welcome you to send them to us by 31 Aug 2021.



About the Celebrating SG Women movement

SG Women’s contributions are integral to our Singapore Story.

From our nation’s early years, the progress and contributions of our women have shaped our homes, schools, workplaces and communities – bettering every aspect of our society.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development has dedicated 2021 as the Year of Celebrating SG Women. With respect as the cornerstone of the rapport between men and women, we invite Singaporeans to come together to celebrate the achievements of our women and their continued progress.

Let’s come together to co-create and catalyse solutions that will shift societal mindsets to foster an even more equitable and inclusive society for our men and women.


About the logo

Celebrating SG Women Logo

Based on the familiar image of our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, our logo honours SG Women. The three silhouettes embedded in the orchid motif represent our past, present and future SG Women as we look forward to their progression as an integral part of our collective social advancement. The spectrum of shades represent the diversity of our SG Women across generations and all walks of life.



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