National Environment Agency
National Environment Agency - Environmental Protection Division
Consultation Period:
13 Jun 2022 - 04 Jul 2022

Detailed Description

Public Consultation on Proposed Control of 26 Chemicals as Hazardous Substances


The National Environment Agency (NEA) is seeking feedback on the proposed control of 26 chemicals, listed in Annex A, as hazardous substances (HS) under the Environmental Protection and Management Act (EPMA) and Environmental Protection and Management (Hazardous Substances) Regulations (EPM(HS) Regs)1. This consultation will last three weeks from 13 June to 4 July 2022.


2 NEA controls HS which are chemicals that are highly toxic, polluting, and/or generate intractable wastes that are difficult to manage and be disposed of safely. 

3 Currently, these 26 chemicals are regulated by Singapore Customs under the Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act (CWPA) and Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Regulations (CWPR)2. Under this regulatory framework, a licence is required for activities such as the import, export, production, processing, consumption, storage and/or local sales or distribution of these chemicals depending on the chemicals involved3. Given that many of the 26 chemicals have wide industrial usage and some possess inherent toxic properties or can be used to manufacture chemicals with toxic properties, NEA intends to strengthen regulatory controls over the import, export, manufacture, offer for sale, transport, purchase, storage and/or use of these chemicals to ensure the environmentally sound management of these chemicals.

HS Licensing Control

4 To protect the environment and safeguard public health and safety, NEA will co-regulate the 26 chemicals with Singapore Customs. The Second Schedule of the EPMA and the Schedule of EPM(HS) Regs will be amended to include the 26 chemicals (see Annex A).

5 Under the HS licensing regime, companies that perform any of the following activities involving any of the 26 chemicals must in future adhere to the corresponding requirements:

(a) Import, export, manufacture, offer for sale, transport, storage and/or use of the regulated chemicals – Companies will be required to obtain a HS licence.

(b) Purchase, storage and/or use of the regulated chemicals – Companies will be required to obtain a HS permit.

6 NEA intends to gazette the regulatory changes by December 2022. This would be followed by a six-month transitional period before the changes come into force by June 2023.

Request for Feedback

7 This proposal is released for the purpose of consultation. Comments received during the consultation exercise will be reviewed and may be considered in developing the final measures. Parties wishing to provide feedback may do so at or send an email to by 4 July 2022.

8 In order to ensure that the consultation is productive and focused, respondents are requested to adhere to the following guidelines when providing their feedback:

a. Identify yourself as well as the organisation you represent (if any) so that NEA may follow up with you to clarify on any issue where necessary.

b. Be clear and concise in your comments.

c. Focus your comments on the proposal and how it can be improved.

d. Substantiate your points with illustrations, examples, data or alternative suggestions.


1 More information on the licensing regime under EPMA and EPM(HS) Regs can be found at

2 More information on CWPA and CWPR can be found at

3 More information on the licensing requirements of the 26 chemicals can be found at