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Consultation Period:
15 Jun 2022 - 14 Jul 2022

Detailed Description

Public Consultation on Proposed Legislation to Regulate Electric Vehicle Charging


1. The Ministry of Transport (MOT) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) would like to invite public feedback on proposed legislation to regulate electric vehicle (EV) charging in Singapore.

Scope of Consultation

2. As part of Singapore’s efforts to tackle climate change, Singapore intends to reduce our land transport emissions by 80% from 2016 levels, by around 2050. One key strategy to achieve this target is to increase the adoption of cleaner energy vehicles, and in particular, EVs. EVs currently produce around half the emissions of an internal combustion engine vehicle in Singapore. 

3. EVs are refuelled by electric vehicle charging systems, or EV chargers, that charge the EV’s battery. The Government intends to introduce regulations to ensure that EV charging infrastructure is safe, reliable and accessible for EV users. The proposed legislation will establish regulatory frameworks to govern EV charging and will provide LTA with statutory powers to enforce these regulatory frameworks.

a. Safety. Unsafe EV charging systems pose risks, such as electrical fires and electrocution. We intend for LTA, as the regulatory body overseeing Singapore’s EV charging infrastructure, to ensure that the supply, use, and installation of chargers in Singapore comply with requisite safety standards.

b. Reliability. Beyond charger safety, it is critical to ensure that the public charging network is reliable, as it will form a key part of transport infrastructure in Singapore. We intend for LTA to impose a licensing regime for EV charging operators. This regime will generally apply to commercial operators. Licensees will have to comply with a set of requirements to ensure that they meet reliability and quality standards of charging service provision.

c. Accessibility. A good coverage of chargers is necessary to ensure accessibility for EV drivers. To minimise the need for costly retrofitting, the Government intends to require new buildings with carparks and those undergoing major redevelopment to install a minimum number of chargers, and cater sufficient electrical capacity to deploy a higher number of chargers in their carparks in the future. To facilitate EV charging provision in existing strata-titled developments, Government also intends to lower the resolution threshold for selected EV charger installation proposals via a related amendment to the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act.

4. The consultation document at Annex A outlines the objectives of the proposed Bill, and highlights MOT and LTA’s policy positions regarding the proposed regulations in the upcoming legislation. Feedback from this consultation will aid the Government in further refining the proposed regulations.

Period of Consultation

5. The public is invited to provide feedback on the proposed legislation from 15 June to 14 July 2022. 

Guidelines for submissions

6. Respondents are requested to observe these guidelines for submissions:

a. Please provide your contact details (name, organisation in which you represent, if any, as well as your email) such that LTA can follow-up to clarify any comments if needed.

b. Do organise your comments in a clear and concise manner highlighting the ways in which the proposed legislation and policy objectives of the Bill be improved, and the rationale behind it.

c. Wherever possible, do provide illustrations, examples, data, or suggestions, to substantiate your point. Respondents may provide supporting materials as annex to the feedback submission.

d. The attached document (Annex A) is released only for the purpose of this consultation and should not be used to make any individual or organisational decisions.

Feedback Channels

7. All submissions should reach MOT & LTA by 2359 of 14 July 2022. 

8. Please send your submissions via email to, with the subject “Public Consultation for the Electric Vehicle Charging Bill”. If you’d like to attach a document containing your feedback, please only send them in Microsoft Word or PDF format.


Publication of Feedback

9. LTA will publish a summary of the comments received on LTA’s website, together with our responses. Please be assured that the identities of respondents will not be disclosed in the summary.

Documents to download

Annex A: Public Consultation Document on Proposed Legislation to Regulate EV Charging