April 2017 | Issue 16


PM Lee’s Condolence Letter to Mdm Lina Abdullah

Remembering Mr Othman Wok

Mr Othman Wok, one of Singapore's founding fathers, passed away earlier this week. In commemorating his contributions, PM Lee commended Mr Othman's dedication and courage during the turbulent times in the 1960s, particularly his belief in a multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore.

Experts Support Having Laws on Fake News

Experts Support Action Against Fake News

Fake news has been flagged for influencing Brexit and last year's US Presidential Election. Experts at a dialogue raised concerns about the subtle but insidious effects of fake news on a population's psyche and trust in major institutions. While they would like to see more government action against fake news, it is also critical that people exercise personal responsibility over what they read and share online.

28 Schools to Merge in 2019

Schools to Merge as Student Numbers Fall

Four pairs of junior colleges will be merged in 2019 due to falling enrolment. Seven pairs of primary schools and three pairs of secondary schools will also be merged. The mergers are needed due to Singapore's declining birth rate.