May 2017 | Issue 19


Increased Number of Women Staying Childless

Rising Price of Infant Milk Powder

Concerns have been raised over the rising cost of infant milk powder. Statistics showed that the average price of a 900g tin had increased 120 per cent over the last decade. Apart from the call to end manufacturers’ aggressive marketing, find out what other steps are being taken to ensure access to affordable milk powder for all.

University to focus on lifetime learning of skills

Newest University to Focus on Lifelong Learning

Introducing Singapore's sixth autonomous university - the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)! Restructured from SIM University, SUSS will tap on its background in adult education to champion lifelong and applied learning, in disciplines with a strong social focus. How will the newest university contribute to Singapore's growth and development?
New Land for Farms to Increase Food Supply

Land for Farms – To Increase Food Supply

We may get to see more farms being set up here with the upcoming release of 60 hectares of land (the size of 60 football fields) for new farms from August this year. The target is to have more food, such as eggs, fish and vegetables, produced locally.