JAN 2018 | Issue 02


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Fostering an Inclusive Community
Pre-Budget 2018: Fostering an Inclusive Community

In 2030, Singapore’s population of the elderly is projected to be double that of today, and would account for a quarter of the total population. In your view, what more can be done to enhance delivery of services to seniors?

How could we also galvanise community efforts to care for and support our seniors (including seniors with more complex needs) to age successfully?


Select Committee Formed To Tackle Fake News
Select Committee Formed To Tackle Fake News

A select committee will be formed to examine the causes and consequences of deliberate online falsehoods. If left unchecked, deliberate online falsehoods could undermine Singaporeans' trust in institutions and the country's social cohesion.


Stricter Regulation of Charities
Stricter Regulation of Charities

Changes to the Charities Act will require charities to comply with more stringent requirements. This is to keep up with an evolving charity landscape that has seen more online fund-raising appeals.