Bicycle and other mobile transport except wheelchaiir should not be on the pedestrian pavement

It is a danger to the pedestrians as bicycles and other mobile transport share the same pavement. Some of the pavement is narrow and the cyclists/mobile transport users honk at the pedestrians to give way to them. Can't they be patient and follow behind? Instead pedestrians need to stop, stand aside for them to overtake. Do you know why there are 2 yellow lines on the side of the road? If I'm not wrong, they are for cyclists to cycle on the road and not on pedestrian pavement. As it is dangerous to cycle by the side of the road, cycling was not popular as a mode of transport previously. We usually cycle for leisure at a park. Nowadays, cycling becomes a mode of transport. While cycling can save us monies, time and a good form of exercise, it pose a risk to the other pedestrians. Maybe it's time to move the cyclist/mobile transport users back to the road. Otherwise all pavement should have a separate path for mobile transport user. However, not all areas are wide enough to construct 2 parallel pavements.

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