SingHealth Data Breach: Additional Protection Measures

The Government is charging ahead with its Smart Nation projects, and has instructed all 11 critical services sectors here have been asked to review connections to untrusted external networks.  These connections include the Internet or unsecured Wi-Fi, which should be removed if there is no business need for them, said the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) on Friday (3 Aug).

This comes after the completion of a major cyber-security review that followed SingHealth's data breach disclosed last month.

The Government had previously paused the launch of new Smart Nation projects following the cyber-attack that compromised the personal data of 1.5 million SingHealth patients.

In a joint statement today (3 Aug), the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group said it has completed its review of the public sector's cyber-security policies and will implement additional protection measures for critical government systems. The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore said it has instructed the 11 critical sectors here - including healthcare, energy, banking and telecommunications - to step up their security approach.

Among the measures to be implemented - all connections to unsecured external networks will be removed, a process also known as Internet surfing separation.

Government systems, for one, have implemented "significant measures", including cutting off Internet access on work systems over the past three years to remove "unnecessary external connections with unsecured networks".

"We should not allow such incidents to hold us back in building a Smart Nation and digital Government. We need to persist in our efforts to harness the potential of the digital age, while building deeper expertise in cyber security so that we can do so confidently," both agencies said in the statement.

Source: “SingHealth cyber attack: Pause on Smart Nation projects lifted; 11 critical sectors told to review untrusted external connections”, The Straits Times Online, 3 August 2018

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