Social cohesion a key task for 4G leaders

The fourth-generation political leaders will have their work cut out for them as they strive to maintain social cohesion in the face of modern challenges, such as fake news and the spread of extremist ideologies, said members of the House yesterday (14 May) .

The way forward, they suggested on the first day of the debate on the President’s Address, is through teamwork and a consultative approach with citizens.

Senior Minister of State Dr Lam Pin Min identified three key obstacles in building cohesion: the widening social and income divide, the difficulty in determining the middle ground of views, and the inevitability of change which can threaten citizens’ sense of “home”. To pull off bold changes, it would be important for the 4G leaders to have a good sense of self-awareness, said nominated MP Ganesh Rajaram. MP Louis Ng said that it is crucial for the 4G leaders to consider more alternative points of view, such as from civil society groups.

Source: “MPs flag social cohesion as key task for 4G leaders”, The Straits Times, 15 May 2018

The Straits Times 2018. © Singapore Press Holdings. Reprinted with permission.

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