Short Courses to Help Hospitality Sector

Short training programmes lasting two to three hours are in the works for employees in the hospitality sector, so that they can upgrade their skills without missing out much on work.

Such bite-size training will help the manpower-strapped industry step up staff training while managing disruptions to work.

The training is part of a tie-up between the National Trades Union Congress' Hospitality and Consumer Business Cluster (NTUC HCBC) and 21 industry partners.

Launched yesterday, the Hospitality ABC Network addresses skill gaps of employees in areas such as hotel and accommodation services, clubs and resorts. It aims to provide training sessions that cover topics including leadership, management, digital, and operations.

At the launch, NTUC Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing stressed the importance for the hospitality sector to stay ahead of the digital disruption wave.

"(We aim to place) tomorrow's unemployed into tomorrow's jobs. We want to equip our workers... way ahead - even before they lose their jobs - so they are prepared for tomorrow's jobs," he said.

To appeal to hospitality workers, Mr Chan suggested that adult education should cater to their fast-paced lifestyles. "Adult education cannot just be about going to schools for three months, six months, for a long course," he said.

Source: “Short courses for hospitality staff to reduce work disruptions” (The Straits Times, 1 Feb)

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