Inland Ash Scattering A New Burial Option

Inland Ash Scattering A New Burial Option

People may soon be able to scatter the ashes of their loved ones in a garden instead of placing the cremated remains in a niche or scattering the ashes out at sea.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) announced on 3 October that it plans to introduce this new burial concept as an additional option for the placement of cremated remains. This move comes in response to the interest from members of the public and is in line with similar practices in both modern Asian and Western societies

The mechanics and concept of it is still being worked out at this point. However, as an initial step, the agency shared that it would first consult industry and stakeholders over the next few months on the design criteria, user experience, operational procedures, booking arrangements, and cultural and religious needs.

NEA would also reach out to the various religious groups, after-death care service providers and the public. Relevant feedback and suggestions would be incorporated into the provision of NEA's Inland Ash Services at government-run facilities.

Source: Final resting place for your loved ones' ashes: A niche... the sea... and soon, a garden?

(The Straits Times, 4 Oct 2017)
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