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REACH contributor, Faith S Leong, shared her views on the REACH Discussion Forum, whichincluded proposing that food stalls here display calorie, sugar and sodiumcontent of the dishes served.


An extract of Faith’s feedback and the replyfrom the Health Promotion Board are appended:


Faith S Leong:

It would also begood if stores can display the calories, sugar, and sodium content for eachdish. As there are increasing number of kidney and diabetic patients inSingapore, the food outside should also cater to these people. Dietician may beneeded to help stores to offer food that is suitable for such patients. Productivity is an area for improvement, but healthy food and utensils at foodcentre is a more important issue  that have long-ranging consequences forour nation… The foodcourt and hawker centres in Singapore is the key to helping the population tokeep a healthy diet and thus an important partner to alleviating the heavydemand on medical care in Singapore.


Health PromotionBoard:

Dear Faith


Thank you foryour feedback.


The HealthierDining Programme (HDP) is an initiative by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) toencourage F&B businesses to provide healthier food options. F&B foodstalls participating in the programme have to provide at least one “lower incalories” food type (identified by HPB to be less than 500 calories) or offerlower sugar drinks. Obesity is one of the risk factors for high blood pressureand high cholesterol. Reduction of caloric intake to prevent obesity is oneaspect of having a healthier diet. A balanced diet includes consuming foodswithin our recommended daily calorie intake, as well as opting for a holisticdietary consumption pattern.


Once again,thank you for your kind feedback and we will take your feedback on sodiumlabelling into consideration for our future programmes. We certainly look toyour continued support for healthier dining in Singapore.


Thank you.



Best regards

HealthlineContact Centre

Health Promotion Board

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