Insights from Marriage and Parenthood Survey 2016

The Marriage and Parenthood survey 2016 released by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) on Saturday (8 Jul), found that most of Singapore’s singletons (83 per cent) intend to marry although six in 10 are not dating with marriage in mind; and four in 10 never had serious relationships, among which 42 per cent are leaving dating to chance. 

The survey is commissioned to understand public attitudes and perceptions towards marriage and parenthood, and polled 2,940 singles as well as 2,861 married Singaporean residents aged 21 to 45 years old in 2016. 

According to the study, singles have become more comfortable with meeting potential partners through online dating and dating apps – 43 per cent in 2016, more than double from 19 per cent in 2012, and more have met their partners this way – 13 per cent, almost double from 7 per cent in 2012. 

Senior research fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies and research consultant for the 2016 survey, Dr Mathew Mathews, said that singles need to be more proactive instead of leaving dating to chance if they aspire to get married. 

Online dating industry players also cautioned against using unaccredited dating apps which may harbour singles who are not looking for life partners. 

Similar to previous years, the findings on married respondents show that most couples prefer to have two or more children, and that both men and women prefer full-time work with flexible work arrangements over part-time or full-time work without such arrangements when it comes to looking after infants and children up to six years old.  

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Josephine Teo, who oversees population matters, is happy that marriage and parenthood remain important life goals that many Singaporeans aspire to. She added that some areas the Government is looking into to help Singaporeans include developing the dating landscape, creating family-friendly and inclusive workplaces, and improving pre-school support. 

Source: “Most singles intend to marry, but six in 10 not dating seriously: Marriage and Parenthood survey 2016” (The Straits Times, 9 July 2017

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