Needy Households to Get Free Toilet Replacements

The National Water agency PUB will be providing complimentary replacement of the 9-litre flush toilets fitted in older Housing Board flats for lower-income households, it said yesterday.

These toilets, which were phased out in 1992, use twice as much water as new models. Eligible households will be getting more water-efficient ones over the next three years, said PUB.

The project, announced during this year’s Budget debate, are expected to benefit about 9,000 families who are currently on community assistance schemes and living in HDB flats built between 1986 and 1992.

The replacements aim to help them save water and reduce their water bills by as much as 10 per cent, said PUB’s director of water supply (network) Michael Toh.

The new toilets will include the half-flush feature which releases different amounts of water depending on which button is pushed. This helps to reduce water usage.

PUB will be progressively informing eligible households of the project and will begin with 5,700 households living in HDB three-room flats. When informed, households can then contact PUB or its appointed contractor to arrange for the replacement toilet.

Details of the project can be found on PUB’s website at

Source: “Needy households to get new toilets for free” (The Straits Times, 9 June 2017)

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