More Firms Urged to Hire Older Workers

In his May Day Rally Speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urged more firms to hire mature workers, adding that the public service is leading by example.

Almost one in two civil servants hired by ministries last year was a mid-year professional, manager, engineer or technician, according to the latest statistics from the Public Service Division (PSD).

Of these, 21 per cent, or 1,653 people were 40 years old and above. Statutory boards are doing likewise, said the PSD in a statement.

Older PMETs are especially vulnerable to being laid off as the economy continues to restructure, or losing their jobs to technology, and cheaper and more competitive workers abroad.

The national Adapt and Grow programmes help these workers switch sectors and find new jobs, said Mr Lee. Throwing its weight behind the programme as Singapore’s largest employer, the public service said it values mid-career PMETs for their maturity and experience.

It also outlined what it was doing to help workers switch industries.

New mid-career hires go through professional training by the respective public agencies, or by the Civil Service College.

Workforce Singapore (WSG) also work with other agencies to facilitate the hiring of suitable mid-career PMETs to meet the needs of the public sector. WSG will also create professional conversion programmes together with public agencies.

Last year, a third of the 1,000 Singaporeans who found new jobs through these programmes were in areas related to the public sector. They include social workers, healthcare employees, and early childhood educators.

Source: “Grey hair is good – more firms urged to hire mature workers”, The Straits Times, 2 May 2017.

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