Teach senior how to eat

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by Elbert Poh

04 Dec 2018 01:45PM

Many of Singaporean are now aware of the health food as well to some extend knowing how much needed. This is a good direction however to get the best or sufficient and right amount of nutrition is still a challenge.

Take an example of a senior age 66 wt 72 kg and by suggestion (1-1.2 gm/Kg of protein) it need about 72 to 86 gm/day of protein. The HPB did have a page telling the senior to eat 3 serving of the visual food in display but would that work out to be what amount of protein is NOT specified.

The senior might not be able to co-relate the visual food suggested to their daily intake hence long term wise it may still lake of the needed protein.

Also as we known as you age you "lost' your body muscle by 15% each year hence more protein (with exercise) is needed. 

All in all how does one eat to the healthy future is not an easy task and do hope HPB can teach the senior how to eat ? (Above is Just protein element alone and there are many more elements in the food that one is needed and that make it even more complex.)

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