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by Chianghwa Lim

30 Nov 2018 05:33PM

Dear HDB,

I am a resident at Punggol Waterway View and would like to bring to your attention on an issue we the resident are facing living near Oasis Terrace.

Have to admit that Oasis Terrace is a master stroke by HDB in many years. The design, facilities and the choice of food outlets are excellent.  Must have taken a lot of effort to produce this exciting new generation HDB mall and we appreciate it.

But on the down side, residents near by are suffering from it's success. At first, there were community events on weekends which blast out loud music and with MC or DJ that blast out event louder noise above the music. 

Most of us can put up with these short events on weekends which are cater for the benifit of the neighborhood. Now, they are bringing in all sort of merchants to the community plaza and blast out their sale messages through the loud speakers/PA system non stop day and night into every home near by. 

Last Saturday (24 Nov) there was someone speaking loudly over the PA system but I cannot make out what was he saying. Basically, he was mumbling loudly from late morning almost non stop until the early evening. 

They stopped on Sunday (25 Nov)to make way for a Depavali celebration where the MP (Mr. Ng) was the guest of honor, They are even louder but we can tolerate them at home as this is a community event and lasted only 2 to 3 hours.

From Monday (26 Nov) till yesterday night (Thursday, 29 Nov), we were flooded every night by a certain car dealer pushing their long list of used cars with short interval in between until about 9 pm.  It have been happening happening for 4 nights in a row now, and I was told they will go on till the weekend.

From the ground and outdoor, they do not sound intrusive, but to the residents living on the higher floor, they are.  It is difficult  to listen to the TV or hold a normal conversation without raising our volume. Any HDB resident having a live band banging loudly outside their home or down stair will know how it feels like.

I sincerely hope that HDB can show some concern for the residents by reducing the noise from Oasis Terrace. 

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