Food handlers - Obvious company name on uniforms.

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by Peter Wee

28 Nov 2018 07:36PM

Recently, I noticed (yet again!) a food handler in uniform (but of unknown restaurant) who came out of the toilet cubicle and went straight out without washing his hands.

I was washing my hands with soap (and I did not even went into the cubicle), so imagine the shock when I saw him head straight out. After washing my hands, I walked out quickly to see where/which restaurant he was heading to..... All I saw was him disappearing into a crowd in the distance (FYI - this took place in Chinatown Point, the crowd was in front of the NTUC).

Now, just to clarify, this was not someone who was off duty. This was obviously a cook (or chef?) of some sort who was still on duty because of the clothing/uniform, apron and head gear.

However, there was no indication on which restaurant he was from, as almost all cooks/chefs wear similar "brandless" clothing.

Therefore, I believe that due to the recent cases (3 cases this month with 1 resulting in death) of severe food poisoning, we need to make sure that all food handlers know the importance of food hygiene. If any one of members of the public can easily identify a food handler staff belonging to a particular restaurant, it would make it much easier for us to lodge a complaint against the person.

The restaurant names that they represent should be printed in large font on the front and backs of these employees.

It may not lead to fewer cases of food poisoning, especially if these food handlers do not practice proper food handling hygiene even after washing their hands in the toilet but if it can help to reduce the odds of any such situation occurring, then it will all be worth it. One life lost and the suffering of so many is simply too great.

I hope all members of the public will do our part to highlight any restaurant staff who does not practice basic toilet hygiene. That way, we can force restaurants to monitor their staff more closely to avoid bad publicity.

Thank you!

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