Feedback Regarding Dismissal Due To Work Accident/Safety Issues

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by Max Li

28 Nov 2018 05:40PM

To Reach & Ministry of Manpower, 

I wish to feedback regarding my experience after mediation at TADM for dismissal due to work accident/safety issues. Since I haven't recovered fully from my injury as well as due to several occasion where I raise up safety concerns/issues which lead to my dismissal. 

For my case I feel the stance for my case is soft, I sustain temporary injury to my left arm 
but work have never been easy for myself. Today during mediation, I raise a concern was that prior before employment, I wasn't told that there was a need to perform work within a construction site in the job description. 

Later into the job, I was injured when working at a construction site. To make matter worse, 
I was the one who did the investigation for my work accident as well as handle 
most of my WICA claims but not my superiors. 

That was when all my unhappiness came about, not to mention working with a superior who doesn't show any care or concern. Most time I was forced to perform task amid an arm injury that is why recovery was slower. 

Certain task that we were asked to perform, I observed there wasn't any safety practices like risk assessment or wearing PPE.  Attempts to raise such concerns lead to my dismissal as I assume, they feel that I was a troublemaker. 

I was hired through middleman and the mediation should also involve the organization or person involved with the dispute as well as who made the decision to dismiss me. Even the reason of dismissal wasn't justifiable since they cite “They release me due to fear that the job may worsen my injury.” 

However, I refute that it is due certain aspect of work like site work are not suitable especially if there are no proper safety protocols in place. The superior I work with was a micro-manager thus working with him can be a challenge. 

However, for my case, there are two conflicts which is handling micromanagement and workplace 
safety issues. Even if I can move on, whenever I find a new job how could I explain why I was dismissed? 

I not only feel unfair but injustice to what have happened while into this employment. 
Thus, I wish for a stronger stance if employee were dismissed due to work accident/injury or workplace safety concerns etc. 

Seeking a new job with an injury will take considerably longer time than usual.
Cases like mine I just want a "fair statement" on why they dismiss like that even the statement they cite isn’t reasonable at all.     

How can I forget about this since it has affected my wellbeing as well as livelihood? 

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