Confirmation bias,naysayers, fake news


by Nutan Shah

28 Nov 2018 09:36AM


Thank you for giving well wishers an opportunity to share both constructive feedback (for change)and gratitude( for what keeps Singapore relevant and relatively stable).

Min. Edwin Tong and team is representing Singapore to question how tech companies are taking responsibility for fake news. In fact many are of the opinion that fake news is in fact feeding on negative confirmation bias. In reality a stream of constuctive feedback to the authorities with facts and solutions has more benefit. But the naysayers will politicise sensitive issues to feed off people's emotions. To what benefit? Because the same naysayers will have no solutions that have a long term mutual benefit. 

Indeed it is easier to hide behind an already burnt out keyboard and keypad than face to face. So why not make it difficult? Afterall before social media, people were on the whole, more patient for change. Now we just type away at anything and towards anyone assisting data collectors who monopolise and benefit financially. 

Singapore has a lot to gain by "controlling" sabo news!!!

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