Enquiries on how hawkers, foodcourts and restaurant prepares their food

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by Oh Ying Huat

16 Nov 2018 06:10AM

Currently NEA is checking on food hawkers, vendors, restaurants and the F&B industries for compliance to food hygiene and safety to guidelines. I am not very sure about the indepth procedures and to what extend they check. Does it also cover how the food are prepared? For example we know that vegetables should be soaked or washed with water before cooking to remove traces of pesticides. Meats should also be washed prior to cooking. Do our NEA food hygiene guidelines cover to this extend on their checks? If not what records or proofs should the food vendors keep or do so as to ensure they actually wash the ingredients and is verifiable by NEA?

See articles published here on a case with some economical rice stall vendors:


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