Waiting For One Month to see SGH Specialist for Anxiety Disorder

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by Liew Meow Koon

02 Nov 2018 11:51AM

MOH has constantly state that expeditious and affordable heathcare will be given whenever needed

I had a recent encounter that DOES NOT bear out this often quoted propaganda

A visit to a Polyclinic on 27 October 2018 for anxiety disorder and was refered to SGH specialist .. and to my disappointment, the appointment given by SGH is 29 Novemeber ... ONE month to wait to be attended to for ANXIETY DISORDER????

Incidentally, was given 2 weeks medications which will be consumed by 11 October which means that NO medication for another TWO weeks without medication. No medication for two weeks for ANXIETY DISORDER person .. what dire consequences can happen before seeing the specialist???

MOH .. what is your response? Expeditious? OR just another PR stunt that the government is doing very well to serve its citizens?      

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