Apps permissions and tracking


by Nutan Shah

30 Oct 2018 11:20AM

Dear REACH, in line with the 6th pillar of Total Defence, request we look into improving security in terms of Apps. It seems even though Permissions are not given, sneaky marketing can track and profile someone...according to e.g.Panda Dome cybersecurity, the Privacy Auditor reveals who is tracking what on your Smartphone if the App is on there.This includes companies like Redmart,NTUC online, Grab,WhatsApp,Facebook,etc.etc. 

So just because the Permissions are set to no, it does not mean an App has no access to your phone!!! Afterall if downloading an App is free, someone has to make money from "selling data" right? 

Let us strike a balance between sustainable Apps for profit and convenience aswell as usefulness and REAL Privacy please. Can?

Please take a few minutes to go through this article by Panda as an example before browsing more on the risk of Apps on our smartphones:

In reality NO ADVERTS should be allowed ....but is that possible? Why not?

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