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by Kevin Young Lee

27 Oct 2018 05:28PM


I stay at Ivory Heights for more than six years and has seen numerous vehicles zipping down the road behind my estate. The name of the road is Jurong Town Hall Road which sit between Singapore Science Center / Snow City and Ivory Heights. In the peak morning, vehicles zipped along the road at more than 70km/hr while at night, some vehicles are travelling at high speed at various periods throughout the night. 

The vehicles posed a danger to commuters who are travelling to work in the morning as many need to cross the road to take bus located at the bus stop(s) while during the off-peak, it poses a danger to students and old folks who are walking to the bus stops located along Jurong Townhall. In the evening peak hour, the speeding vehicles posed danger to commuters returning from work who are taking buses. In the middle of the night, the speeding vehicles (especially the motorbikes) becomes a sound nuisance to residences who are resting at home. 

For the past six years, i have wrote to the various authorities including the Traffic Police and reply was that they are looking into it. I have asked for speed bumbs, speed camera, and even overhead bridge. None was built for the past six years.

The traffic along the Jurong Townhall is not going to decrease and I sincerely hope REACH can help to connect the authorities to look into this. They are constant commuters travelling across the road and many near misses were seen. The nearest traffic lights are simply too far away from the bus stops situated along the road.

In addition, the residence that are located is simply too close to the road. In developed countries like Australia, New Zealand etc, there are laws to mandate the speed of the passing vehicles. Some mandate vehicles to travel below 45km/hr.

Please look into this

Thank you

Sincerely yours

Kevin Lee CY

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