Report Bicycles Not Properly Parked on OneService


by REACH Singapore

04 Nov 2017 10:56AM

The Municipal Services Office (MSO), Land Transport Authority (LTA) and bicycle-sharing operators have come together to introduce a new feedback category for shared bicycles in the OneService app.

The new category will allow people to provide feedback on indiscriminately parked bicycles, which will then be sent directly to the bicycle-sharing operators.

Residents who do not have the bicycle-sharing apps will thus be able to report the bicycles that are causing obstruction.

The feedback will also let MSO and LTA identify hot spots and better plan for infrastructure in the future.

This new feedback category complements the collective memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by LTA, NParks and the 16 Town Councils, and the five incumbent bicycle-sharing operators, aimed at encouraging responsible operation of bicycle-sharing services in public spaces.

It follows a model similar to the existing "spot abandoned trolleys" category, launched in April last year with major supermarket chains, to retrieve abandoned trolleys.

Source: “New category on OneService app allows people to give feedback on indiscriminately parked bicycles

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