Globalisation Helps to Create Jobs and Raise Wages

Globalisation Helps to Create Jobs and Raise Wages

by REACH Singapore

10 Jun 2017 10:43AM

Is globalisation a boon or bane?


For Singapore, globalisation helps to create jobs and boost workers’ wages, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during an interview with Australia’s ABC Radio National on 10 June.


As a globalised nation, Singapore can play a role in servicing the region and the world. In doing so, "we can have jobs in Singapore which are better paying for a wide range of our people," Mr Lee said.


While Mr Lee is confident that technology helps in generating jobs, “the question is what kind of jobs, and will it be able to use the talents and meet the aspirations of our people, and can we prepare our people for the jobs which we think they should be capable of doing?”


He identified three factors needed to optimise technology to create jobs.


One, the mindset that technology can make a big difference and a desire to make full use of it.


Two, organisations must run efficiently, "not just automating your own way of doing things, you may have to restructure all together".


Three, the country must have people with "the ideas and technical know-how to make the projects happen".


This includes having the managers, leaders, promoters and people who may not be techies but "know what is snake oil and what is real'.


Do you agree? How else can we optimise technology to create good jobs for Singaporeans?


Source: “Globalisation can create jobs and raise salaries for Singaporeans: PM Lee” (The Straits Times, 10 June 2017)
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