Jobs Bank to Integrate with SkillsFuture Portal

The national Jobs Bank is set to have its functions improved to better guide Singaporeans on skills training and job matching.

Jobs Bank will be integrated with SkillsFuture Singapore’s Individual Learning Portfolio, which will curate information about the training and jobs landscape when it is rolled out in stages from this year.

Singaporeans will then be able to turn to one portal for their training, learning, and employment needs.

The move comes at a time of muted employment growth amid a slower economy. It also follows recommendations by the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE), which released its report last Thursday (9 Feb), to integrate both portals. 

CFE said two shifts were required for Singaporeans to thrive in a constantly changing job market: People have to work on acquiring deep skills throughout their lives, and more opportunities must be created for them to use their skills on the job.

Observers and users have suggested ways for the Jobs Bank to be a virtual career adviser for job seekers, such as having the portal recommend jobs and courses based on work experience profiles that users create. Skills gaps could be identified based on their curricula vitae and the requirements of the jobs they apply for.

Data from the portal could also be used to inform policy on training, observers said. If the data shows that certain jobs are not being filled by locals, training agencies can focus on helping them develop the required expertise.

Source: “Jobs Bank to link up with skills portal” (The Straits Times, 13 Feb 2017)

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