Medisave Can Be Used For Maternity Expenses

REACH contributor, Rui Bin Mah, commented on the use of Medisave for hospital expenses incurred for childbirth.

Rui Bin’s feedback and the reply from the Ministry of Health are appended:

Rui Bin Mah:
Hi, i hope we can use more medisave to pay for hospital expenses incurred for childbirth. Well, singapore is encouraging us to have more kids right? Since hospital bills are increasing every year, perhaps you can look into it and and implement some new withdrawal limit. Sometimes it's not because we don't want to choose government hospital, it's because we feel more at ease with the gynaecologist who happen to operate in a private clinic. There's already so much worries in a mother's mind when she pregnant, like whether the child healthy and such. So we need to find a experienced gynaecologist who can put our mind at ease during our tough pregnancy period. 
Hope you can take this into consideration.
Thank you. 

Ministry of Health:
Dear Rui Bin,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Under the Medisave Maternity Package, parents can use Medisave for their delivery expenses. You may withdraw $450 for each day in the hospital and an additional surgical withdrawal limit between $750 and $2,150, depending on the type of delivery procedure.

Medisave can also be used for pre-delivery medical expenses such as pre-natal consultations and ultrasound. Last year, we doubled the Medisave withdrawal limit from $450 to $900, and allowed it for use at both public and private healthcare institutions.

We first introduced Medisave to help Singaporeans with their inpatient hospital bills. While we have expanded the use of Medisave over the years to cater to the evolving healthcare needs, it is important for us to balance this carefully as we continue to review its uses, so we can ensure that Singaporeans will have enough savings for their needs in old age.

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