LTA Replies to Feedback on Overhead Bridges

Contributor Lin Fei enquired if it is possible to have less overhead bridges as climbing the stairs hurt the knees. The Land Transport Authority replied that there is a programme to provide lifts to pedestrian overhead bridges (POBs). Please read the detailed reply below.

Dear Mr Lin Fei

LTA have been looking at ways to provide barrier free facility at pedestrian overhead bridges (POBs). Currently, we have a programme to provide lifts to POBs.

There are about approximately 450 POBs island wide managed by LTA and therefore, we need to plan the lift retrofitting programmes in phases and prioritise the implementation. Since 2011, we have completed fitting lifts to 6 POBs next to MRT stations and they have been well utilized.

In the current programme, we are retrofitting about 40 selected POBs. However, with so many POBs island wide and given high cost of retrofitting the lifts, we have to prioritise the provision and the criterion for selection of location is very specific. It includes catering to elderly commuters but there are also the other criteria: within 100-200m radius of major transport nodes and near health institutions, welfare homes, homes for the aged and school for special need children. The prioritization criteria aim to improve the overall accessibility to major transport nodes.

We thank you for writing in.

Yours sincerely

Jimmy Lam

Deputy Director, Commuter Infrastructure
Commuter Infrastructure Development

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