Goverment should support credible innovation like the Space Project

Yesterday, a CNA program showed how a Singaporean man, Lim Seng, progressed in his pursuit to send a Singaporean to near space. The dream is to make a mark for Singapore in her 50th year of independence.

However, based on the program, there appeared to be little support from the Singapore government to this innovative project. The government should support and value innovations by Singaporeans, especially when the man behind the project has the required skill sets, and credible and capable technically ( Funding and technical personnel could be a way to show the government's support, which would send a supportive signal to innovations. Lim Seng had to go to India and Australia to tap on the expertise of the professionals there. He was also denied launching the test runs from Singapore for reasons not known from the program.

Such a person should be encouraged to continually contribute to the technical improvements in Singapore, as he is one of a kind. We want to encourage more people to emulate him in his dream, technical capability and tenacity to innovate for a good cause. The civil service should not lose such talents like him, but should provide a conducive environment to support their work, and continue to tap on such talents for its defense and other sectors.


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