Allowed debitors to declared unemployment

To Reach and Monetary Authority Of Singapore;
I have been out of job for a long time period now.
I have credit card facilities which I took up during the past years which
still need to be cleared.
For two years, I have been paying in full for my credit card facilities when I
was still in employment.
When I was unemployment, I still make efforts to pay in full when possible
but lately and for the first time even minimum payment I find it hard
to pay off.
I have already sought help with Credit Counselling Singapore regarding
my situation.
However, my feedback is that banks will always ask me to declare my income
but in that form it does not have options to declare unemployment.
As advice by banks, is that if one is unemployment he/she doesn't need to declared. A
However the irony is, even if you don't declare banks will still sending you
the declaration letter again and again until you eventually respond.
Even the form that CSC gave, I had to declare unemployment in "others" column.
To be brutally honest, jobs are not only hard to come by but not all jobs are
that stable especially in my case.
People like myself, doesn't like defaulting payment as they know the consequences.
High interest, etc. charges and banks may even issue letter of demand.
In my scenario, a clean two years’ credit record destroy because of my unemployment.
Finding a job is very stressful, constantly searching and having to attend not one
but multiple interviews which eventually takes months.
Always waiting for employers to either reply about the outcome but most of the time it’s plain waiting.
Some can wait few months with no issue but those who had debts they can’t wait that long. 
The longer they wait; their reserve will eventually dry out.
2015 has been a terrible year for me, now when I search for a job I will declare that I had debts need to pay so I can’t wait.
Even if one declares unemployed, that doesn’t mean one gets to default any payment but just that payment will be painfully slow. MAS should consider asking individuals to declare their unemployment. Such group should have option to either stop using their credit card; seek help to clear whatever debts accumulated instead of snowballing the amount with interest charges and etc. been charged by the bank.
It's frustrating, being unemployment and have to face consequences when I don’t have the financial capability to repay my debts. Not to mention the income declaration form which is being sent multiple times
which I do not know how am I supposed to declare that I am unemployed?

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