DTL2 - A Move Towards A “Car-lite” S’pore: PM Lee

Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong, who opened the Downtown Line 2 (DTL2) at the Botanic Gardens station yesterday (26 Dec), described the line as Singapore’s move towards becoming a ‘car-lite’ society.

Together with other ministers, Land Transport Authority and SBS Transit staff, grassroots leaders and Members of Parliament, PM Lee took a ride on the new line.

Noting that “Public transport is the most efficient way for our people to get around in a compact city like ours”, PM Lee said that Singapore has been investing heavily to ensure accessibility and convenience of public transport. He added that commuters may expect the rail network to double to 360km by 2030 as a new Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line and extension will open almost annually from 2016 onwards.

He, also outlined other measures being undertaken to improve Singapore’s rail network. This includes the addition of 99 new trains from now till 2019, ongoing upgrading of the Sengkang - Punggol Light Rapid Transit (LRT) line and “heavily investing in infrastructure and maintenance to reduce train disruptions”. “We want to be world class and we are working hard to get there”, said PM Lee.

Commuters travelling along DTL2 might be interested to know that travel is free until 1 January for those who start and end their travel on DTL2.

Separately, as announced previously by the Public Transport Council, transport fare reductions of up to 1.9%  kick in today. 


Source: “DTL2 a step towards a ‘car-lite Singapore'” (The Straits Times, 27 December 2015)

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