Toward a One World and One People

As Year 2015 comes to a close, let us look forward to the New Year and Beyond with optimism and a hope that is founded upon the shared conviction that we can restore peace, harmony, happiness, compassion, justice and mankind's continued progress only when LOVE prevails over anything and everything that are diametrically opposed to the fruits of Love.

As we look back to the pristine beginnings of mankind's appearance on Earth, there is much in mankind's resilience and accomplishments over the millenia that afford us cause for Hope and Encouragement to continue with this journey towards our Vision of a Shared World.

Ultimately it must dawn upon us who live in the Present, and those who will inherit the Future that, of all the qualities and values that will lead to realization of our Common Destination of a One World and One People, the greatest is LOVE.

Meanwhile may I wish all our fellow Singaporeans, and our other fellow sojourners, joy, peace and good health, and all the things that count for blessings in the New Year and the Years beyond.

By Ho Cheow Seng/Zhaoshen He/Pasir Ris West

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