More Paths to Poly for Normal Academic Students

With the introduction of alternative routes to post-secondary education for students in the Normal (Academic) stream, more are taking up these options instead of going to Secondary 5.

Since the year-long Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) and the two-year Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) began in 2012, the proportion of students moving on to Sec 5 has fallen to 50%.

Students in the two programmes - which are meant for the better performers - told The Straits Times that they had chosen these routes as these give them a better chance of getting into a polytechnic diploma course. Almost all students who completed the PFP and about 60% of those who finished the DPP made it into the polytechnics.

At the secondary schools, principals and teachers also encourage those who have qualified for the PFP and the DPP to apply for them.

More information about the PFP and DPP can be found here

Source: “Sec 5 studies less popular as new paths to poly open” (The Straits Times, 17 Nov 2015)

Do you think schemes like PFP and DPP are helpful to students looking to enter polytechnics?

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