Propose ICA Checkpoint Fee of S$ 2 to S$ 10 to all SC, SPR & WP Holders. Employers to pay all fees of their WP employees.

We have the most busiest checkpoint in the world, and it is not good for us as this gives a higher security risk. Many people pass through our checkpoints to work here and giving our ICA officers and systems a hard time. It is time to place a control to all this.

I propose ICA Checkpoint Fee of S$2 to S$10 to all Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents aged 16 to 65 (Singapore working ages) and Work Pass Holders.

SC & SPRs:
- Pay once the value reached S$ 20, within 30 days.
- Informed by e-mail/SMS.
- Failure to pay shall be denied at any Checkpoint departure from Singapore.

WP Holders:
- Their employers shall pay with the monthly levies, within 30 days.
- Their employers shall not be allowed to employ any WP Holders if failure to pay.

Checkpoint Fees:
SC - S$ 2

SPR / WP Holders
- S$ 2 at all times at all Checkpoints except:
- S$ 4 daily from 0530 to 1000 hrs and from 1630 to 2000 hrs at Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints except:
- S$ 6 during Monday/Saturday/Public & School Holiday mornings from 0430 to 1100 hrs and Friday/Sunday/Public & School Holiday evenings from 1530 to 2100 hrs at Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints.
- S$ 10 during “Long weekends (3 days or more)” peak periods or when travel advisories are issued at Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints

To the employers, they have to start controlling their WP employees and provide them with accommodation if possible.

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