Pedestrian Traffic on Causeway Eases

Pedestrian traffic across the Causeway appeared to have returned to normal last night (18 Dec).

This was after massive road jams on Thursday (17 Dec) which led hundreds to cross into Singapore on foot.

Those who entered Singapore via the Woodlands Checkpoint on foot last night told The Straits Times they did not experience long waiting times and managed to clear Customs in half an hour. On Thursday morning, the process had taken at least two hours for both pedestrians and motorists.

Turnstiles used to manage travellers on foot had been removed at the Woodlands Checkpoint, which could have eased the situation.

However, the situation did not improve for vehicles which remained trapped in a massive gridlock.

Singaporeans travelling to Malaysia using the Causeway and Second Link have been informed that delays can be expected due to heightened security measures put in place since the Paris terror attacks last month.

According to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), there will also be heavier traffic during the year-end school and festive holidays, with an estimated 430,000 travellers using the checkpoints daily during this period.

Various methods have been employed by the ICA to manage the heavier traffic, including flexible deployment of staff and diverting traffic to different lanes, such as allowing cars to use lanes normally assigned to lorries.

Source: “Causeway traffic eases for pedestrians but not vehicles” (The Straits Times, 19 Dec 2015)

What measures can be taken to alleviate the traffic situation on the Causeway whilst ensuring tightened security? Share your suggestions with us.

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