Loan Shark Harrassment


1) The question is" if i caught the loan shark runner with my friend and detained follow by law " and called police officer how long it will take,since we cant cable tie, Mr Sweet police man answer is let say sembawang neighbor hood got only two police car, if they attending other cases..they cant be here by within 15 min or 30 min.{btw my blk and police station walking distance is 20min).....Law and regulation is govern in  is singapore. Why cant we install keypad lot to enter lift area or open stair case by card like condo? i believe harassment case will be cut by half.

2) One more thing is every time loan shark runner paint , burnt or splash, CCTV camera only can capture image of runner and catch it later part but the damage is already done. some of the house owner or neighbor are the innocent victim and who do not deserve this kind of harassment. Every single police report made by me or other suggestion is pls install CCTV camera and we will put more patrol car" To be truth i saw zero police car in my area since i made r we really targeting to get the runner?

3) now they use the platform like whatapp or viber or internetcall, so i asked police man if i can give u the exact location of their loanshark operation of hdb block by hacking or pi , can u take action?? Same, Mr sweet police man said since it is not legal way they cant do anything unless some one report suspicious character...

so now i m preparing to decorate my house door or corridor with the paint loanshark spare for me..

R we really safe in sg? Why we dont try to catch big boss rather than debtor turned runner.


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