Can PUB tap water be directly used for steaming foods?

Can PUB / Ministry of Health / HSA confirm whether it is safe to use straight tap water when steaming food?

As usual, forwards via Whatsapp / email / FB are not to be taken at face value because many are fabrications by weirdos.  But it would help if Authorities give their official stance on the recommended way to steam foods, because it could affect health if true, or if it is false and we all follow the false advice, it would needlessly waste energy and water.  

Of course tap water is different in different cities, but the PRC-looking article below is being forwarded in Sg now.

What about cooking methods besides cooking? Is PUB tapwater safe?


Kind of make sense to me !
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Xuanwu Hospital Professor Qi articles: 

Steaming food be sure the lid is open to boil the water first, then add to the steaming food, close the lid!  

No wonder more and more people with cancer. With pot cooking something, be sure to use water, or filtered water. Because if the direct use of tap water, tap water has chlorine, then after heating, because the lid is covered, the chlorine is all covered in food, so be sure to use boiled water or filtered out chlorine water to steam things. Because chlorine is carcinogenic hazard. This is really important! Even if only steamed buns, should have this knowledge.
When steaming your food, make sure you open the lid to boil the water first.
If water is used straight from the tap, your food will be contaminated by absorbing all the cancer causing chlorine upon heating which is a serious health hazard.

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Article by: Professor Qi from Xuanwu Hospital


宣武医院齐教授的文章:蒸食物请一定要是先开着盖子把水烧开,再放入要蒸的食物,盖上盖子!  难怪有癌症的人愈来愈多。用锅蒸煮东西时,一定要用开水,或是过滤过的水。因为如果直接用自来水,自来水有氯,再经过加热后,由于锅盖是盖着的,氯被全部包覆在食物上,所以一定要用煮沸过的开水或用已过滤掉氯的水来蒸东西。因为氯有致癌的危险。这真的很重要!即使只是蒸馒头,都要有此常识。


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