On way to airport via PIE or ECP

Anyone caught in a jam on way to airport? Worried about missing flight?  

The past few days many experienced this. Reasons are a few: rain, accidents, heavy traffic, holiday season. 

We can't do anything about the 4 reasons above. But we can increase lanes towards airport. 

Increase the lanes towards the airport to 4 lanes in the last 10 km (or whichever nber most suited to maximise travel) and decrease the lanes towards city by 1 (so 2).

this will help mitigate the problems. It is a headache that many face to the airport especially during peak periods. 

If there are other solutions please put them into action. The 2 roads to the airport is a real farce. What happens with the super mega terminals coming up?  Any plans to improve road conditions?

Hope it will not be a case of ... Digging a toilet when ,,,

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